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LetterMeLater allows you to create emails to be sent at any date and time you choose.  You can select what email address will appear in the “from” section of the email and there are no ads of any kind.  I sent one to myself and it was sent right on time and appeared to have come from my Gmail account.  There are a few reasons LetterMeLater could be useful:    1.    You’re a hothead and you tend to send nasty response emails to people without thinking first. (BAD IDEA)  2.    You need to set up reminders for yourself.  3.    You know it’s your friends birthday in a few days but you’re not sure if you’ll remember to send them a happy birthday email when that day comes.  While these are all good reasons, I think #1 is the best.  When you’re upset, it’s always good to write out the email and save it to send in a day or two after you’ve had time to cool off.  With LetterMeLater, you can schedule it to be sent in a couple of days but still be able to go back and make edits or delete it all together.  Also, Valentines Day is approaching and it may be a good idea to write out little sentiments or a cute poem to your significant other now.  Schedule it to be sent at midnight on Feb. 14th and your recipient will think you stayed up late just waiting to tell them how much you care.  Here’s my screencast tour of LetterMeLater:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 4m2s

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