Hipmunk Finds the Best Flights Without all the Clutter

When I’m searching for the best airline tickets I usually head to multiple search engines and travel sites where I spend hours comparing flight times, connections, prices, dates and alternative airports. I do all of this because I want to not only get the lowest price, but I also want to get to my destination at a certain time without dealing with long layovers and multiple connections. Yesterday, when I found Hipmunk, I was pleasantly surprised to find one site that filters all of my concerns into one search to help me find the very best flight for my money.

Just enter in your flight details and hit “search”.  Hipmunk will find the best overall flights for you based on price, duration, and number of connections.  The results are placed on a visually pleasing graph making it easy to remove certain flying times and allowing you to further filter your results by price only, duration, and departure or arrival time.

My favorite feature of Hipmunk is tabbed searching.  You can keep multiple tabs open within Hipmunk so you can easily compare different airports or dates, which is what normally kills me when looking for the best airline tickets.

To learn more about Hipmunk, watch the screencast below:

[via TechCrunch]


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