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Firefox Home iPhone App

There’s still no Firefox browser for the iPhone but the folks at Mozilla have made a handy app that allows you to sync your bookmarks, recent browsing history and open tabs from your desktop, right to your iPhone. It’s called Firefox Home and it’s a free download.

After you install it on your iPhone you’ll need to create a Firefox Sync account by installing the add-on for Firefox on your desktop.  Once the sync is complete you’ll have quick access to tabs that you have open on your desktop, on your iPhone.  You’ll also be able to view your recent browsing history and all of your bookmarks.

To see Firefox Home in action, watch the screencast below:

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App Happy Episode 6: MobileRSS

MobileRSS syncs with your Google Reader so you can keep up with all of your favorite blogs and websites at all times.  There’s a free version and a pro for $2.99 (iTunes links) which I’ll show you in the screencast.

After you install it and sign in with your Google account it will automatically sync up.  All of your folders, tags, shared and stared items will be in place along with people who you follow.  MobileRSS works a lot like Google Reader and you can also share items via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper, and more.

I installed both the free and paid-for versions and am happy with both.  If you’re unsure about spending the money then install the free version, it works great and will give you a feel of what you get for your money.

To see MobileRSS in action, watch the screencast below:

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Great for On-The-Fly Design: Adobe Ideas iPhone App

Adobe Ideas (iTunes link) is an app for the iPhone and iPad that helps you quickly sketch out design ideas on a blank canvas or a photo.  There’s also a handy color palette generator for use on a new photo or an existing one. It’s completely free so even if you’re not very creative (you’ll see my level of creativity in this screencast :) ) it’s still fun to use and can be useful for sharing simple design ideas with others.

To see the Adobe Ideas app in action, watch the screencast below:

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App Happy Ep 2: Siri iPhone App Wants to be your Virtual Personal Assistant

Siri is a virtual personal assistant that lives in your iPhone.  It can help you find a place to get a bite to eat, show you movie listings, and even remind you to call your Mom on her birthday.

You have two options when using Siri – You can type out what you’re looking for or you can say it to Siri and it will do its best to figure out what you’re saying.  For example, you could simply tap “restaurants” and then choose what type of food you’re looking for and where.  Siri will grab reviews, menus (if available) and even allow you to add notes to your selection.  You can then map it, email it, or save it to your Siri bookmarks.  You can also choose the “say it” option and say what you want.  I tried saying, “Shutter Island, San Francisco” into my phone and Siri immediately recognized that I was looking for movie listings for “Shutter Island” in San francisco.  It brought up theaters close to me and gave me the option to reserve tickets.

You can say things like, “remind me to call the dentist” and Siri should send that info into the reminders section of your account and allow you to add a time for Siri to email you and remind you to call the dentist.  This only seemed to work about half of the time.  Sometimes it would recognize “remind” and sometimes it would think I was saying “find”.

Another little problem I had was with finding restaurants near me.  Siri doesn’t seem to know of any pizza places closer than 10 miles to my house – And that is definitely not the case.  It was also telling me that some restaurants were much farther away from my location then they actually are.  With that said, this is definitely not a deal breaker for me as Siri does much more than just find restaurants and set reminders.  You can request a cab, get the current weather, set dinner reservations, and pretty much anything else that you would have a real personal assistant do.  Except this one is free. Get Siri in the iTunes App Store here.

To see Siri in action, watch the video below:

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Navigating the Day's News is a Breeze with Google Fast Flip

Google Labs recently launched Fast Flip.  It aggregates news stories from many popular sources and presents them in a format that is very east to navigate.

Readers can sort stories by different categories, sources, topics or search terms.  Navigating through the articles is as simple as clicking arrows on the page or using a keyboard.  Google Fast Flip is also available for the iPhone and Android devices.

I found that the pages loaded extremely fast — and if you use your keyboard to flip through articles, navigation is even faster.

To see Fast Flip in action, click on the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

[wpvideo 6py5SbMI]

[via:  Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day]

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Fonolo Helps You Bypass Annoying Phone Menus And Records Your Calls

You know when you call certain businesses and you’re given the warning, “Your call may be recorded to ensure quality service” or something of that nature?  Well, the team at Fonolo is giving you that very same power.  Not only that, but you can completely bypass all of the annoying phone menus and access the point of customer care that you’re looking for.


The entire process is very simple: Create an account, search for the company you want to call, and select the menu in the phone tree that you wish to access.  If you’ve added your phone number to your account then Fonolo will call you once it’s connected and you can get straight to the point.  From there you can simply click on the “start recording” button and your call will be recorded.  You can also add notes and bookmark companies that you frequently call.  The recording can later be played online or you can download it.


There’s also a nice feature called “Quick Tones” that allows you to add longs strings of numbers, like your frequent flier number, and then you can have Fonolo enter them in for you with one click.  This isn’t recommended for things like credit cards, but if you’re always calling your cable company or car insurance carrier, then this could come in handy when asked for your account number.

To see Fonolo in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

[wpvideo 5twtyizr]

[via Lifehacker]

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Get More Use Out Of Your Address Bar With Futz.Me gives you an easy way to send yourself reminders, links you want to revisit, and even images right from your address bar.  You can have items sent to your email address or via text message.  Anything you want to send to your email or phone can be sent by simply adding before the URL or text in your address bar.


All this and you don’t even need to be signed into your Futz account in order to use it.  A one time sign up and you’re good to go.  When you sign up, you’ll select a username which is how Futz knows what account to send the items to.  So theoretically, since you all know my username is molzy, you could send me links or notes without even knowing my email address.  All you would have to do is type in before whatever you want to send me and it will pop right into my inbox.  (Of course, I don’t use the email address that I used for this screencast so please don’t send me anything :) ).


There are a lot of ways you can use Futz.  There don’t seem to be any set rules – and that’s one of the reasons I like it  so much.

To see in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

[wpvideo LnZeTu2E]

[via: Webware]

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Got A Spare Driveway? Put It Up For Rent On GottaPark

If you live in a big city and drive a car then you probably understand what a nightmare trying to find a place to park can be.  Finding a spot is the first task, then you have to fork over change for a meter or pay steep prices at a private lot.  If you live in the San Francisco area, then GottaPark may be just what you’re looking for.

Now first of all, I say San Francisco because that’s the area they are focusing on at the moment.  GottaPark is almost like a classifieds for parking spots, and anyone in any city can post and find spots.  As of today, I could only locate parking spots in San Francisco, but all this service needs to get going in other cities is for people to find it and start using it.

The way GottaPark works is simple – if you’re looking for a place to park then just enter in a location and the dates and times you need to leave your car.   You’ll be presented with a list of residential and commercial areas that are renting out their spots for various prices.  There’s a brief description of the property and a price you’ll need to pay in order to park your car for the dates you chose.  One thing that I noticed is a huge difference in pricing.  For an 11 hour period, prices ranged from $8.00 to $525.00.  Obviously there’s either a problem with how the hourly rates are configured on GottaPark or some people are just overcharging.  For my screencast, I booked a private driveway for one night and the total cost was $9.20.  The renter was charging $8.00 and the $1.20 was the GottaPark reservation fee.  GottaPark charges a fee of $.60 for spaces under $5.00 and 15% for every price above that.

The final step in reserving your spot is to enter in your credit card information and print out your receipt.  The person renting the spot will receive a notice that their spot has been rented along with your vehicle information.

On the other side of things, if you have a parking spot that you don’t use all that often, you can easily post your spot for rent.  It’s a painless task, only involving your address, a description of the spot, and how much you charge per hour.  You can also create multiple schedules of when your spot is available.  If someone rents out your spot then you’ll be notified and receive your payment via PayPal a week later.

Aside from the huge discrepancies in parking prices, I think GottaPark has a lot of potential.  The only problem will be to get people to start using it instead of just posting available spots on free services like craigslist.  Here’s my screencast tour of GottaPark:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 3m19s

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Anyvite Keeps Event Planning Short And Sweet

Anyvite is a simple event invitation service that allows you to plan an event, invite your friends, and share photos and video, all without anyone but you needing to create an account.  The idea of your friends not needing to sign up for a service just to reply to an event that you’ve created, is something that services like Presdo (reviewed here) and Pingg (reviewed here) have implemented as well.

To create an event, just enter in the name and description, add the date and time, and then enter in the location.  If you’re unsure of an address you can do a search from the event page and add it that way.  Next you just need to enter in the email addresses of your friends or import addresses from an address book.  If you’ve previously added friends, Anyvite will remember them so you just need to check a box next to their name.  That’s basically it – but you can add more flare to your invite, like a custom photo or wallpaper from the Anyvite gallery.

You can also add photos and videos to your event invite and allow your guests to do the same.  Once you’ve jazzed up your invite, just send it.  You friends will receive the invite right in their inbox, and they can reply right away, without having to sign up for anything.  What’s even better, is that your guests can also add comments, watch videos, and add the event to their calendar, all without creating an account.  There’s also a “ShareSpace” where you and your guests can add photos and videos after the event.  Each ShareSpace has its own code that you need to tag your Flickr photos and YouTube videos with, and then they’ll be automatically added to your events ShareSpace for everyone to enjoy.  Here’s my screencast tour of Anyvite:

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What is one to do when one is forgetful?  Well,  you could set up reminders on one service for birthdays, another for wake-up calls, and another to help you remember all of the other little things you think of throughout the day.  You could also create alerts for everything you need to keep up on in one place,  Yes, as the name suggests, Alerts gives you one place to set up alerts for birthdays, gas prices, low airfare, hotel rates, weather, press releases, RSS feeds – you see where I’m going with this?  After you create your account, you simply select the various items you want to set alerts for.  You can enable your email and SMS and choose how you want to be alerted for each item and select specific days and times for each alert as well.  One feature I think is great, is that you can turn on “do not disturb”, and with one click, all of your alerts will be disabled until you choose to turn them back on.  You can also set specific time frames to shut off your alerts.  As of now, there are 15 different services you can choose to be alerted on and more are in the works.  If there isn’t one listed that you need, you can create a custom alert.  All in all, it’s a great place to get yourself on track with everything you need to remember but there’s one huge feature missing – a way to set alerts from your mobile device.  Here’s my screencast tour of

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 4m31s

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