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How-to: Create Multiple Netflix Profiles

Creating multiple profiles in your Netflix account isn’t new – but it’s something that I found myself setting up for my (soon to be permanent!) other half yesterday.  He was logged into my Netflix account checking to see what I had coming up in my queue, but then he started clicking on watch instant videos and I realized that he was  going to muddle up  my recommendations!

Then I remembered about creating profiles in your Netflix account.  I quickly set one up for him and told him to rate, review, and watch as much as he wants…logged into his profile.  Of course, then I realized it may be useful for you to see how easy it is to set up profiles for everyone in your family.  See how below (please excuse my hideous voice, I have an awful cold):

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3 Google Chrome Extensions I Use Daily

Google Chrome has a lot of Extensions worth checking out, but these are three that I find myself using throughout the day.  Don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles here, folks – these three Extensions just help me get things done a bit quicker.  Watch the screencasts that follow the brief introduction to see how they can work for you:

The Picnik Extension for Chrome allows you to easily take screenshots and edit them using the online image editor

The Session Manager Extension gives you a really handy way to save your browsing sessions so that you can come back to them later – without having to bookmark a bunch of sites.

Tab Menu is an Extension that allows you to easily sort through, organize, and even close your tabs within a drop-down menu in your bookmarks toolbar.

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Never Lose a Note Again with Scribbly

Scribbly is an application that runs on Adobe Air which allows you to quickly take notes and then email them to yourself with one click.  Its feature set still leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s still a useful little tool and worth a look.

After you install it you just need to click on the icon located in your system tray and add your email address to the settings so Scribbly will know where to send your notes.  You can jot down notes, copy and past links and even quickly add a time-stamp by clicking on the clock icon.  That’s really about it.  I do have my own requests for features, of course:

  • - The ability to add multiple email addresses so I can send my shopping list to my boyfriend fiance :) .
  • - A button so that I can clear the list – right now it seems that I have to delete items myself.
  • - More control over how Scribbly behaves.  I’d like the option to have it go away after inactivity instead of having to hit the Esc key.

To see Scribbly in action, watch the screencast below:

[via Digital Inspiration]

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Rootein Helps you Establish and Track Healthy Habits

With the New Year quickly approaching (less than a month away!!) I decided it would be a good time to find a new tool for establishing healthy habits – out with the bad and in with the good!  That takes us to Rootein (pronounced “routine”), a service that allows you to create and track tasks, or Rooteins.  The premise behind Rootein is that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit so, hopefully, after using Rootein for about a month you’ll begin to effortlessly perform these tasks, thus forming a healthy habit.

After you sign up for a free account you just need to enter in a Rootein – anything from running 2 miles every day to remembering to call your mom.

You can create as many Rooteins as you’d like and then simply select the one that you’ve done and mark the date on the calendar.  Every time you perform one of your Rooteins just check in and then continue on with your day.  You can create reminders so that you never forget to, say, water your plants.

To see Rootein in action, watch the screencast below:

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If you’d like to send holiday cards to your clients but don’t have the time or the money to buy, customize, and mail out plain old greeting cards, then eCards for Business may be just what you (and the happy little trees!) have been looking for.


pingg_business_logo, an online invitation and party planning service, is behind eCards for business and they were nice enough to set us up with our own account to try out the new service.

In short, eCards for business allow you to create eCards that are branded with your company logo, which you can provide to your employees to send out to their clients.  The eCards can be viewed on a Webpage with a custom URL, via email, text message, and/or you can opt to have pingg print out and mail the cards to your chosen recipients.

A really great feature of eCards for business is a customized Splash Page that pingg will create for you.  You can add a logo, choose specific card designs that you want your employees to use, and add notes.  After your Splash Page has been created you’ll just need to point your employees to the URL and they can simply click on a link to create eCards for their clients with your companies branding and specific designs.  You can also encourage your employees to use your company eCards to send their family members holiday greetings.  Your eCard Website is also completely ad-free. (In my screencast I don’t make this point clear – note that if you sign up for eCards for business, there is no additional charge for removing ads). You can find pricing information and learn more about how pingg will create your customized Splash Page here.


To learn more about eCards for business and see it in action, check out the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

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Create and Share Lists of your Favorite Links with allows you to quickly and easily create lists out of links that you find on the Web.  You can share these lists with friends and allow others to add links to your list, which is great for collaboration.  It’s free to use and only requires a sign-up if you wish to use all of the handy features.


You begin by giving your list a name – I called my first list, “Recipe Ideas for Thanksgiving,” which I filled with links to online recipes that I’m thinking of making for Thanksgiving.  I made my list public and allowed others to add to the list.  When you enable these features, other people can see your list and add relevant links to it.  People can also reply to a list, which really just creates a new list which will be linked to the original list.  The “reply” feature had me a bit confused at first, so hopefully when you see it in the screencast you’ll get my drift. There’s also a bookmarklet which enables you to add links to your lists, wherever you are on the Web.


You can share the URL of your Linklist with friends and grab the embed code for your own blog or Website.  People can also subscribe to your different lists so they’ll know when you add something new.

Linklist doesn’t have set rules for how you should use it, and that’s one of the reasons I like it so much.  Planning a vacation?  Create an ideas Linklist and share it with your traveling companion.  Want to show off a list of your favorite blogs?  Create a favorites Linklist and share it with your Twitter followers.  Check it out and if you create a Linklist, share it in the comments!

To see Linklist in action, watch the screencast below:

[via Larry Ferlazzo]

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Get Bids From Multiple Service Providers With Redbeacon

Redbeacon is a service that connects service providers (anything from a handyman to an accountant) to consumers who need such services.


On the requesting end, all you need to do is select the service that you need, enter in the date(s) and time that you’d like it done, and add any important information that will help the person give you an accurate quote.  You can then choose how long you would like your request to appear – anywhere from 4 hours to 48 hours.  Redbeacon will then send out your request to relevant service providers and they can bid on whatever you need done and also ask you questions.  If you decide on a provider you can set up the appointment right from Redbeacon.


As a service provider you can use Redbeacon to post your services.  You can add a logo, contact information (only available when you win a bid) and you can opt to receive text messages so you never miss out on a job.  There’s also a handy map so you can display how far you’re willing to travel.

I created some test jobs for a personal trainer and a housekeeper and within 20 minutes I had 5 bids total.  Pretty impressive considering they just launched in the Bay area a couple of days ago.

To see Redbeacon in action, watch the screencast below:

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"HELP!! My Mom Can't Send An Attachment!" (DemoGirl Special)

If you have not-so-techie parents, grandparents, or even (gasp!!) friends, then you may have heard these words before: “Whadda ya mean, attach it in an email?  Where do I attach it?  I don’t even know where it went on my computer! No, no, I’ll just print out the page and send it to you in the mail”.

This was the conversation that I heard my boyfriend having with his wonderful mother the other day.  She wrote a letter to him using Word but didn’t know how to attach it in an email.  He did get a letter in the mail a few days later and right then and there I decided that there must be some use for a video showing how to find that elusive document and attach it in an email.

My next idea for a “HELP!!” video is how to save an article you find online and send it in an email.  I still get newspaper clippings in the mail. ‘Nuff said.

To learn how to save a Word document and attach it in an email, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

[wpvideo 3gPVocXY]

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Testing Out 'Labs' In Your Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar then you may have noticed the little green labs icon up near your settings.  This is where Google is allowing you to test out some features that may or may not get pushed through as permanent fixtures in Google Calendar.  As of now there are six features:  Adding a background to your calendar, attaching Google Docs to an event (love that one!!), a world clock, jump to date, next meeting, and free or busy.


Once enabled, they sit on the right side of your calendar – and there doesn’t seem to be a way to rearrange them or move them to the left side.  I’m not going to explain what each one does here – you’ll need to watch the 3 minute screencast if you want to find out.  Or, you can just test them out yourself.  I recommend doing the former :)

To see Google Calendar Labs in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

[wpvideo EV9Z15lk]

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Fonolo Helps You Bypass Annoying Phone Menus And Records Your Calls

You know when you call certain businesses and you’re given the warning, “Your call may be recorded to ensure quality service” or something of that nature?  Well, the team at Fonolo is giving you that very same power.  Not only that, but you can completely bypass all of the annoying phone menus and access the point of customer care that you’re looking for.


The entire process is very simple: Create an account, search for the company you want to call, and select the menu in the phone tree that you wish to access.  If you’ve added your phone number to your account then Fonolo will call you once it’s connected and you can get straight to the point.  From there you can simply click on the “start recording” button and your call will be recorded.  You can also add notes and bookmark companies that you frequently call.  The recording can later be played online or you can download it.


There’s also a nice feature called “Quick Tones” that allows you to add longs strings of numbers, like your frequent flier number, and then you can have Fonolo enter them in for you with one click.  This isn’t recommended for things like credit cards, but if you’re always calling your cable company or car insurance carrier, then this could come in handy when asked for your account number.

To see Fonolo in action, watch the screencast below (best viewed in HD in full screen):

[wpvideo 5twtyizr]

[via Lifehacker]

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